Hello Event Organisers!

If you are considering an author visit, there are plenty of Elsetime-themed options from which to choose. I would, of course, love to come see you, but if timing does not allow for that, there is always the option of a fun Zoom call!

To whet your appetite, see the list below for some author talk and workshop topics. All sessions are suitable for 8-13 year-olds and include a short reading and plenty of time for Q&A. Workshops can be conducted in person or adapted for online via Zoom. Each session is approx. 40 mins long and can be adapted to suit the time available. I would be delighted to craft a session especially for you!

Some author talk and workshop themes to consider (pick n’ mix if you wish!):


Let’s Make Treasure Chains!: Craft demonstration workshop transforming beachcombed and mudlarked finds into treasures to behold! Watch and learn how to make Treasure Chains, and bring along your favourite finds to join in the fun!

A Time Traveller’s Guide: Fun, interactive workshop encouraging students to ‘show, not tell’ and use rich description as they arrive in another time.

A Mudlarker’s Guide to Story-Starting: What did I ‘schmock’ today? Finding inspiration in the palm of your hand and the art of storytelling. A treasure-filled story-starter workshop enabling students to overcome the challenges of a blank page by finding inspiration in every-day objects.

The Art of Wordsmithing: A sizzling, interactive workshop exploring the use of onomatopoeic words and creating memorable character & place names in our creative writing.

Author Talks:

Getting Published – My journey from toenails and fortune tellers to serendipity, synaesthesia and the strangest of coincidences. An inspirational talk introducing creative writing as a potential career choice.

Historical Interest: The real flood of London 1928. What really happened that night? Bringing our history books to life.

So You’ve Read The Book! Q&A Session – This works best if students prepare some questions in advance!


If you would like to discuss an event in more detail or would like a personalised letter and bookmark pack for your class, please get in touch here.

Postcards & Bookmarks

Praise for Eve’s Events:

Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin, Author & Literary Talent Scout: “Just had the BEST chat with Eve McDonnell with the Writers Ink – my goodness serendipity is a thing! So inspiring, if you need a MG writer for an event, book her now! And this is the PERFECT book for your 9-12s, grab a copy now!”

Amanda J Evans, Writer: “It was amazing loved every minute of it and your complete honesty.”

Sinéad O’Hart, Author: “The brilliant Eve McDonnell talking about her book #Elsetime – and the audience are loving Eve and her book! Wonderful to get an insight into her process and work.”

Patricia Forde, Author: “Eve McDonnell – one to watch!”

Nicola Pierce, Author: “Wonderful lunchtime event with 3 fab writers #wonderfest2020 Eve McDonnell, Catherine Doyle and Celine Kiernan. Crammed with lot of great writing advice.”

Ashing White, Writer: “The kids and I thoroughly enjoyed a gorgeous afternoon of storytelling and chat with the fab Eve McDonnell, Celine Kiernan and Catherine Doyle. Lovely way to spend a Sunday.”

Adam Murphy, Screen Writer: How I loved listening to Eve McDonnell’s words (& extract of her debut novel #Elsetime) on the #InTheReadingCorner with Nikki Gamble. I’ll look forward to reading her work – thanks!

Dr Laura Ovenden, Teacher: “Fascinating interview.”

Ms Yates, Principal Teacher: “We had a great time & the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves!”


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Just Imagine / Exploring Children’s Literature with Nikki Gamble:

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