The Chestnut Roaster

My second novel, THE CHESTNUT ROASTER, publishes 27 October 2022 with Everything With Words. It is a middle-grade novel (for 9-12 year olds) and is set in Paris in 1888.

“Starting on All Fools’ Day, twelve years ago, I remember everything. EVERYTHING. That was a wet Saturday, and that was the day I was born.”

12-year-old Piaf has the ability to (and burden of) remembering everything that has happened since the day she was born. When she discovers everyone in Paris has forgotten the entire last year, 1887, including the disappearance of several gifted children, Piaf and her twin brother Luc embark on a dangerous journey that brings them to the depths of Paris’s underground twin, the Catacombs, to capture the memory thief and find the lost children—but are the two connected? And who dare they trust?

Cover art by Holly Ovenden

The Chestnut Roaster is available to pre-order in all good bookshops! Some of my favourites:

Halfway Up The Stairs | The Rocketship Bookshop


My debut novel, ELSETIME, published September 2020 by independent publisher, Everything With Words, is a middle-grade novel (for 9-12 year olds). It was inspired by a real-life tragic event: The Great Flood of London in 1928. I cannot wait for you to meet Needle and an impetuous jeweller’s apprentice called Glory; a special crow and a hard-nosed taskmaster; a distinguished inventor and a deadly flood – all living their lives in Inthington Town just a stone’s throw from each other but with many decades between.

Cover - square dark background

It’s January 6th 1928, the day before the GREAT FLOOD. There’s a snowstorm and the river is about to burst its banks – fourteen souls will be lost. Can Glory, an orphan with only one hand, her TIME-TRAVELLING friend Needle and their pet CROW change the future? Is there ANYONE among all those people entombed in that snow-shrouded town who will LISTEN? WARNING: Time travel isn’t something you should try unless you are prepared to face the consequences.








Cover art & internal illustrations by Holly Ovenden


inside cover

The Irish Examiner: “Expertly crafted.” “Characters splendidly drawn.” “A remarkable debut which features a brilliant and surprising ending.” 

The Irish Times: “Rich with historical detail – Elsetime is both classic in tone and original in vision.”

Irish Independent: “Fans of Helena Duggan will love the atmosphere and clever plotting of this debut novel and there’s a terrific twist towards the end. A highly original debut.”

Lancashire Post: “Steeped in atmosphere and suspense, beautifully written, and full of superb historical details and a finely drawn cast of eclectic characters, Elsetime is gripping, moving, and delivers a final, dazzling twist that will delight readers both young and old.”

Fiona Noble, The Bookseller, June Previews: “Can two children change the course of fate? Inspired by the real-life 1928 Great Flood of London, this intriguing debut blends time-slip with historical adventure. The striking cover is by Holly Ovenden, whose half-page illustrations will appear throughout the book.”

Kieran Larwood, Author: “An enchanting, time-twisting adventure. Beautifully written.”

Helena Duggan, Author: “Eve McDonnell’s gripping story weaves delicately through time, with a brilliant twist in the tale that will leave you longing for Glory and Needles’ next adventure!”

Nicki Thornton, Author: “Glorious storytelling indeed.”

Steve Voake, Author & Lecturer: “Elsetime is a tale that combines time-travel with evocative description, colourful characterisation and artistic endeavour to create the unique and compelling story of friendship and courage.”

Sinead O’Hart, Author:EapRsHwWoAERUYW “Written in a unique and memorable voice, and peopled with characters as memorable as the wonderful Needle and the spirited Glory, Eve McDonnell’s debut novel is one not to miss. McDonnell has woven a clever and heartwarming story from a real-life tragedy, a tale with high stakes and genuine moments of warmth and love and humour. You’ll never look at crows in the same way again…”

Zillah Bethell, Author: “I read Elsetime, and I thought it was miraculously MAGICAL! Loved it!”

Sophie Kirtley, Author:I LOVE Elsetime by brilliant Eve McDonnell. So atmospheric and unique. Plus my VERY discerning 12 y/o loved it too.”

Sue Chambers, Waterstones Bookseller: “A beautifully written and atmospheric tale of bravery and friendship.” Read full review here.

Trish Hennessy, Bookseller, Halfway Up The Stairs: This book is filled with intriguing characters, a rich plot and is a rip roaring adventure – one of my favourite books of the year. Highly recommend for age 10+”

Tamsin Rosewell, Bookseller, Kenilworth Books: “An amazing piece of writing!”

LoveReading4Kids (Andrea Reece): September 2020 Debut of the Month. “A sparkling timeslip adventure full of magic, great characters and real treasure.” Read full review here.

Booklover Jo: “Cleverly written and wonderfully executed it is an absolute joy to read… A truly extraordinary debut that I absolutely loved, Eve is definitely one to watch out for!” More here.

Erin, Book Blogger (@AssetReadingAdvocate): “Elsetime is a story full of courage, friendship and hope. I highly recommend it. One to watch!”  Read full review here.

Mary Rees, Book Blogger (@marysimms72): Elsetime is an utterly exhilarating and captivating time-slip story with THE most amazing crow! This is definitely one to look out for!Read full review here.

Kate Poels, Book Reviewer & Author: “I’ve been given a sneaky peek at a book not out until Sept and it’s one of the best things I’ve read this year. I love it when a book grabs me like this one and I’m looking forward to shouting about it in the autumn.” See video review here.

Donna @NinjaTeacher, Book Reviewer: “WOW… WOW… WOW!! This is a book like no other! So unique. A story like none I have ever read before.  I recommend this book to everyone. A classic in the making!

Mary Esther Judy – book blogger: “Time-flip novel that creates an imaginative, richly textured tale of two pasts coming together. Mesmerising, unique & full of ingenuity; wonderful!” More here.

Elsetime is available in all good bookshops! Some of my favourites:

The Gutter Bookshop, Dublin   | Halfway Up The Stairs, Greystones

Bridge Street Books, Wicklow | Eason

Waterstones / Hodges Figgis, Dublin   | Tertulia Books, Westport

Kenilworth Books, Coventry   | The Rocketship Bookshop, Salisbury

And you can order Elsetime here too:

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